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A fun vegan life

A little about us, a little about why ‘ourfoodprint’...


So u have met our baby, ourfoodprint,com. We have 2 more beautiful ones, called Rowdy and Sniffy. Sniffy is our amazingly cute and cuddly black companion dog, with a big white patch on her face and chest, I swear she reminds me of those stuffed panda’s we see. And Rowdy is a sleek brown one, who has some hound genes in him. He has it all, a thin sleek long body with long legs, large floppy ears, and a long long face. He looks traumatized most of the time, not that anything is wrong, it’s just his permanent  expression.

Ashi my hubby and I have introduced ourselves earlier, both are passionate vegans who are always trying to figure out what’s the best way to do outreach. For a year or so, we worked on a very info heavy website, learnt a few lessons and repackaged the whole thing to create

Combining my love for cooking, activism and everything vegan and Ashi’s love for research, technology and everything vegan, we have made this website.

The big mind change is when we realize that eating vegan food isn’t giving up on foods that we love, but discovering that those and many more can be made delicious, using plant based options. There are friends and family, including non vegetarians, repeatedly asking me to make some meat/dairy based dish or the other. Yes, I only use plant based options and make them. And they do love it. So, end of day if it’s good food you like, give these options a shot… and you will never miss the stuff that you think you will. Because, no matter how much of this you eat, it’s much lighter on the calories and on our conscience.

So you care for animals, don’t like the concept of them suffering, but simply cannot give up the taste? Or it does bother you that a kilo of mutton consumes nearly 10,000 litres of water but love the mutton curry? Try mixing around with plant based options and spices to make similar food, you would be surprised at the amazing flavours that come out. And how good it can taste.

We started off as militant vegans, most do, it’s challenging to suddenly open your eyes to a world of cruelty and excess consumption and cannot perceive why others can’t get it. But over a period of time, we realise that the world is full of people with different priorities and needs.

Good food, is typically the more important one. So, if you don’t miss out on the taste, why would you not want to go easy on your health and the world around?

I will be adding new recipes regularly so do follow us, our fb page and twitter account will carry regular updates and nuggets of very interesting information. Hope you have as much fun discovering a new way of living and eating!