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Bolognese sauce

Vegan bolognese sauce
Rich and flavorful, this bolognese sauce is loved by the most avid meat eaters... :)
Prep time: 
15 min
Cook time: 
30 minutes
Level of cooking: 
4 people
Meal type: 

This is Bolognese sauce made my style, Indian or Italian Im not sure.. :) The rich flavorful sauce has often surprised non vegetarians, they say they would not be able to make out the difference. I think the oregano and sage gives it a meaty flavor. Soya granules can be used for it, but I prefer soya chunks. Post boiling and draining water from the chunks, I grind it for a minute or so. It should not be ground too fine, because it loses its texture.
Apart from spaghetti I use this sauce for pies, as filing for toasted sandwiches or as toppings for pizza, toasted bread or toasted pita bread. Hope you enjoy making it...