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Cabbage salad

Fresh crunchy salad
Crunchy fresh easy to make salad
Cook time: 
10 minutes
Level of cooking: 
2 people
Meal type: 

Cabbage salad may not be the right name for it.. Its actually a mix of dudhi (white bottle gourd), cabbage and cucumber in a super fresh and crunchy mix. I just cant think of a nice fancy name for this dish.. So...cabbage salad it is.
I made it on a day when I barely had the time to cook but had loads of fresh vegetables at home. So I tried mixing some veggies for a really fast meal. It turned out so good that my hubby wanted me to make it again for dinner! I made it in small quantities and have given the ingredients accordingly. Thing with this dish is the vegetables need to be really fresh and tender. I don't peel the bottle gourd if its a small one.