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Cashew curds

Cashew curd
Creamy rich curds..made with cashews!
Prep time: 
5 min
Cook time: 
10 minutes
Level of cooking: 
4 people
Meal type: 

Curds made with cashews? It's amazing how great it tastes and how it can be used in a bunch of recipes requiring curds, apart from amazing chaas amd can use it for kadhi, curd rice and many more dishes! Vegan curd can also be made with peanuts, which works pretty well for curd rice and chaas. But that has a stronger aftertaste as compared to cashews. This recipe by Harini from Tongue ticklers has been shared by many bloggers like Vegan on the Prowl and others. I tried it, works very well... so I'm sharing it too! :)

There are 2 options to use as a starter, one is using 1 tsp of regular curd for the initial batch, store 1 tsp of the first batch and use it as a starter for the next lot, like normal curds. The other method...the 'pure vegan one' ;) is to use chilli stems/ crowns. The green chillies need to washed and dried, and the crowns/stems gently peeled off and kept aside. Use it for the first batch, and then like normal curds keep aside a bit as a starter for the next lot. The starter could even be frozen and used later. With every next batch the curd becomes better! And doesn't make the curd spicy.  

Couple of things to keep in mind, while diluting make sure it's not too watery or too thick. When heating, cashew milk becomes very thick, yet if it's too watery the curd will not set well. And keep stirring when the milk comes to a boil.