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Creamy baked potatoes and mushrooms

Cheesy vegan baked potatoes and mushrooms
A hot favorite with guests, and with me. Its just the easiest way to make a scrumptious party dish!
Prep time: 
10 min
Cook time: 
20 minutes
Level of cooking: 
4 people
Meal type: 

Baked potatoes and mushroom is yummy by itself. But using vegan cheese makes it so much better. The beauty of making it with olive oil and vegan cheese is that it has a fraction of the calories that it would have had, if made with dairy products. And it is as matter how many batches I make when friends are over, it gets polished off.. :) The recipe is given in 2 parts, the first part is to make basic baked potatoes and mushrooms, and the second part is to make it with vegan cheese.