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Dalimbi Amti / Field beans gravy

Dalimbi Amti
Thick, soft, melt in the mouth beans in a mild gravy...
Prep time: 
15 min
Cook time: 
15 minutes
Level of cooking: 
2 people
Meal type: 

I came across these large white kidney beans and bought it out of curiosity. I didnt even know the name, and it was my maid who told me what it's called. Dalimbi or Indian field beans, is incredibly healthy with zero fat and it is high in protein, iron, pottasium and vitamin A.

But even my maid didnt know how to make it. So, back I went to my favorite Marathi recipe resource.. Chakali.blogspot. It's one of my fav blogs, there are so many amazing vegan mahrastrian recipes in it!

This is a large white bean, that needs to be mildly pressure cooked, and it tastes like mashed potatoes...or something. Ive never tried it before and wasnt sure how it would taste. It is yummy. Soft, melt in the mouth...yum. And it's a much neglected local health food option.

Ive made some minor changes in the quantity of ingredients, that is why I have shared the recipe..else would've onl shared the link. Here is the link to the original recipe: