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Molten cake

Molten cake Vegan
“There is no thing as too much chocolate,” the girl said with a stubborn look." Gooey chocolate molten cake.... by Harini Prakash from ToungueTicklers
Prep time: 
30 min
Cook time: 
30 minutes
Level of cooking: 
4 people
Meal type: 

Have given a long description on Harini in the previous post. Here are some tips and suggestions from her to make this heavenly molten cake - 

"Notes and suggestions:

I used bajra (pearl millet), but you can also use jowar (sorghum) or singhada (water chestnut).  I did not use dink (acacia gum) as we were having this in the ramekins itself.  If you would like to turn them out, it will be advisable to add a teaspoon of powdered acacia gum.
Please note that you just need to make sure that the batter is thick. You can add or reduce flour a bit to achieve this. You can also increase the bits of chocolate.

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monica29's picture
Submitted by monica29 on

MERRY CHRISTMAS!! Tried this amazing sinful cake for christmas and it turned out soooo yum!!!!! Its super that I could do it gluten free AND sugar free, I used jaggery instead for lack of sugar at home. Despite the bajra and jaggery, my 8 year old niece swiped her plate clean asking for another one very soon!! love the recipe ! Our home name for it is Lava cake. :)

Himani Shetty's picture
Submitted by Himani Shetty on

Thank you, Im so glad you enjoyed.. :) Please consider sharing the recipe so more people can see how delicious vegan 'Lava' cake can be! ;)