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Rum soaked Christmas Cake

Rum soaked cake Vegan
Recipe contributed by Tongue Ticklers - And in Harini's own words...'It is fruity, boozy, very delicious, moist and absolutely makes your Christmas so much merrier! '
Prep time: 
15 min
Cook time: 
50 minutes
Level of cooking: 
4 people
Meal type: 

There are some people who are just meant to be called Sunshine...Harini is definitely one of them! She has, I think Thousands of recipes on her fabulous website "Toungue Ticklers", is an awesome photographer, mom to 2 kids and is a full time working woman. In fact she is in a government job. So one would expect her to be staid and serious right? At least till I got to know her better, I thought she must be. But...She is one of the most fun, funny, spirited women! Being so talented and capable, she is also really sweet, down to earth and generally one of those people you love being around. So sunshine mom is just the right name for her.. :)

She has shared a couple of her yummy Christmas  recipes with us, and we are excited to share them with you!

Some more about the cake from Harini "Now for the likeminded. I dunk my dried fruits (black raisins, currants, dried cherries and other berries, dates, and apricots) in rum for a whole year before Christmas.  So, if I have made my cake today, tomorrow I just replenish the supply and let it sit in a dark hidden spot till its time to smell it the next year.  But if you haven’t do not fret!  It will flavor well even if soaked overnight, though it will not be quite the same OR maybe that’s just me!  There.  We are done with the preliminaries so let’s just go on to the recipe.  I am not going to chatter much today.   It is the cake that is important and I am not losing focus.  I do sound a tad happier than usual, don’t I?  I hope it’s not all that rum in the cake, dears - It is fruity, boozy, very delicious, moist and absolutely makes your Christmas so much merrier!  Here is how I made it" And here is the link to the page :)