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Savory bites

Savory eggplant and mushroom sandwich
A savory juicy mushroom and eggplant sandwich that bursts with flavors with every bite
Prep time: 
15 min
Cook time: 
15 minutes
Level of cooking: 
2 people
Meal type: 

It's funny that many people think aubergines are unappetizing... think its because its not made well most of the times. Try roasting thin slices, or bake it with minimum spices and what you get is a juicy moist bite that is wonderful. Add a big slab of roasted egg plant in sandwiches..its delicious.It's a very versatile vegetable and takes on the flavors of spices, while giving a smoky tinge of its own. A winner all the way... try it, and see how good it can get.

All spice quantities given are the bare minimum. Add spices as per your taste