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Shahi Tukda

Every bite of it is pure magic!
Prep time: 
20 min
Cook time: 
25 minutes
Level of cooking: 
4 people
Meal type: 

I have been a regular reader of Himani and Ashi's blog and after being a food blogist for a while I must say thiers is one of my favourite vegan blogs. I have devoured Himani's finger licking mangalorean food and if you think the dishes looks yummilicious on her blog well wait till you taste them! It's a trip to heaven. And if you are not lucky enough like me to have straight from her kitchen then do try them out because she gives very detailed procedures with all her small tips here and there and they are sure to come out exactly how she makes them!

So when Himani asked me if I could do a guest post for her blog, I was thrilled but the pressure was tremendous. I wanted to try something new so I first tried my hand at rasgulla from tofu, it turned into a disaster with balls crumbling down to micro particles. Then I tried making kaju katli but it was too liquidy and smelled burnt so had to add cocoa to make it into edible balls. So now with little resources and time on my hands I saw few leftover bread slices in my fridge and thought of making shahi tukra.

This dessert is somehow not very common but every bite of it is pure magic! It's intense and rich. Traditionally the bread slices are deep fried but I kind of toasted them on a pan with v little oil. Sugar syrup is also something you can skip but it adds to the richness of the whole dish. Once assembled keep in fridge for a few hrs or overnight for the bread to soak in the richness of syrup and cream. Enjoy!

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