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A vegan regimen with reduced medication in the treatment of hypertension

Swedish study reports significant fall in blood pressures in hypertension patients (with reduced/withdrawn medication). Suggests, that people might replace conventional medication with this dietary regiment
O Lindahl, L Lindwall,A SpÄngberg,A Stenram,PA Ockerman (University Hospital, Linkoping, Sweden)

Twenty-nine patients, who had suffered from essential hypertension for an average of 8 years, all receiving long-term medication for hypertension, were subject to therapy with vegan food for 1 year.
In almost all cases medication was withdrawn or drastically reduced. There was a significant decrease in systolic and diastolic blood pressure. A number of reported symptoms disappeared. There was a significant improvement in a number of clinical variables as well as a significant change in various biochemical indices such as urea, haptoglobin, cholesterol and triglyceride concentrations in blood. Subjectively all patients reported improvement. Selected patients, with a fear of side-effects of medication, who are interested in alternative health care, might replace conventional medication with this dietary regimen.
The number of symptoms of which the patients complained at the beginning of the treatment was on average 3.7. After 1 year, twenty-two of the twenty-six patients claimed to have no adverse symptom. In four cases, one or two symptoms remained but were less pronounced. After 1 year of following a vegan diet with reduced / no medication (20 of 26 patients gave up medication completely, while the remaining 6 reduced their dosage by almost half), average body weight fell by 7.8 kg, Systolic BP fell from 151 mmHg to 144 mmHg and Diastolic BP fell from 88 mmHg to 83 mmHg.