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Commercial Goateries: INDG Guidelines

Practices that we highlight as serious welfare issues, are part of standard INDG guidelines or guidelines clearly not followed by the industry
India Development Gateway

A few of the guidelines

Below are some of the best practises recommended by the India Development Gateway(official government site) for the setting up of a commercial goatery

Intensive System

  • Goats are fed with green fodder and concentrates in the shed
  • No grazing
  • House maybe of deep litter system or raised platform system

Space Requirements

  • 10 sq. feet per doe, 20 sq. feet per buck and 4 sq. feet per child


  • Aimals are to be bred at the interval of 8-9 months for maximum productivity
  • It should be planned to obtain 3 kiddings in 2 years period by adopting optimal management conditions
  • For every 25 does one buck should be provided in one breeding season

Body Mutilations

  • Dehorn the kids during first two weeks of age
  • Male kids should be castrated for better quality meat production

Veterinary Care

  • Rs. 20 per animal
  • Rs. 1040, in a project cost of Rs. 1.5 lakhs

Culling of unproductive goats

  • Unproductive animals should be culled promptly and should be replaced by the newly purchased animals
  • Cull the old animals at the age of 6 years and above
  • Unbreedable animals must be examined thoroughly as directed by veterinary doctor for prompt elimination of causes for anoestrum or cull them if necessary.