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Greenhouse gas emissions from the dairy sector - a life cycle assesment

A UN FAO report examining the extent of greenhouse gas ermissions from the dairy sector.

Key excerpts

In 2007, the dairy sector emitted 1 969 million tonnes CO2-eq [±26 percent] of which 1 328 million tonnes are attributed to milk, 151 million tonnes to meat from culled animals, and 490 million tonnes to meat from fattened calves. The global dairy sector contributes 4.0 percent to the total global anthropogenic GHG emissions.

Methane contributes most to the global warming impact of milk - about 52 percent of the GHG emissions – from both developing and developed countries nitrous oxide emissions account for 27 and 38 percent of the GHG emissions in developed and developing countries, respectively, while CO2 emissions account for a higher share of emissions in developed countries (21 percent), compared to developing countries (10 percent).