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High-Meat, Low-Carbohydrate Diet in Pregnancy. Relation to Adult Blood Pressure in the Offspring

UK study shows meat diet during pregnancy leads to adult blood pressure for the offspring
AW Shiell, MC Brown, S Haselden, SRobinson, KM Godfrey, DJP Barker (University of Southampton& University of Glasgow, UK)

A study conducted by the University of Southampton with 626 test subjects, shows a clear relationship between a meat diet during pregnancy leading to high blood pressure developing for the offspring once they grow up. A high maternal consumption of meat & fish during the second half of pregnancy results in higher systolic blood pressure in adult life, while a high maternal consumption of fish in particular is associated with higher diastolic blood pressure in adult life.
The report concludes that these associations may reflect the metabolic stress imposed on the mother by an unbalanced diet in which high intakes of essential amino acids are not accompanied by the nutrients required to utilise them.