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Intensive Lifestyle Changes for Reversal of Coronary Heart Disease

Ornish study shows a 37% reduction in LDL levels and a 4.5% improvement in artery blockages within one year of converting to a vegetarian diet
Dean Ornish; Larry W. Scherwitz; James H. Billings; et al.

Method: A study undertaken by Dean Ornish (University of California) in 1990, clearly demonstrates an ability to reverse heart diseases without medication. An intensive 5 year study was undertaken involving 2 groups of volunteers - one group was fed a vegetarian diet with less than 10% of calories being contributed by fat.
Results: Not only did the levels of cholesterol drop dramatically (37% reduction in LDL levels within the first year itself) for the vegetarian group, but they also witnessed a 4.5% and 7.9% improvement (1 year and 5 year respectively) with relation to artery blockages (measured by the average percent diameter stenosis). In comparison, the control group without dietary changes witnessed a 5.4% and 27.7% (1 year and 5 year respectively) worsening in artery blockages.