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Mortality pattern of German Vegetarians after 11 years of follow up

German study shows that vegetables may produce cancer chemopreventive effects without causing significant levels of toxicity
JC Clauge, RF Beyme (German Cancer Research Center, Heidelberg)

A cohort of 1,904 vegetarians and persons leading a health-conscious life-style in the Federal Republic of Germany was identified in 1978. After a follow-up of 11 years, mortality from all causes was examined relative to general populations.
Findings post 11 years of follow up indicate that relative to the general population, vegetarians had a 50% lower mortality from all causes (54% men / 47% women), a 66% lower mortality due to ischemic heart diseases, a 40% lower mortality due to cancer (52% men / 26% women), as well as a 50% reduction in deaths from respiratory and digestive diseases.