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Mortality pattern of German Vegetarians after 11 years of follow up

German vegetarians experienced a 50% lower mortality rate than expected over a 11 year period, with lower mortality from ischemic heart diseases, cancer, respiratory and digestive diseases
JC Clauge, RF Beyme (German Cancer Research Center, Heidelberg)

A cohort of 1,904 vegetarians and persons leading a health-conscious life-style in the Federal Republic of Germany was identified in 1978. After a follow-up of 11 years, mortality from all causes was examined relative to general populations.
Findings post 11 years of follow up indicate that relative to the general population, vegetarians had a 50% lower mortality from all causes (54% men / 47% women), a 66% lower mortality due to ischemic heart diseases, a 40% lower mortality due to cancer (52% men / 26% women), as well as a 50% reduction in deaths from respiratory and digestive diseases.