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German vegetarians experienced a 50% lower mortality rate than expected over a 11 year period, with lower mortality from ischemic heart diseases, cancer, respiratory and digestive diseases

Swedish study reports significant fall in blood pressures in hypertension patients (with reduced/withdrawn medication). Suggests, that people might replace conventional medication with this dietary regiment

A UN FAO report examining the extent of greenhouse gas ermissions from the dairy sector.

WHO report that examines the health issues related to unsafe water, and how unsafe water accounts for 20% of the deaths in children upto the age of 14 years.

HSI report examining how livestock farming in India is the primary driver of carbon emissions, pollution and hunger challenges.

Harvard study indicates that a high intake of protein and calcium from dairy products is linked to increased risk of prostrate cancer.

Report examining the extent and spatial pattern of methane emissions from Indian livestock.

Practices that we highlight as serious welfare issues, are part of standard INDG guidelines or guidelines clearly not followed by the industry

A study on the development of commercial goat farming in India.

Practices that we highlight as serious welfare issues, are part of standard INDG guidelines or guidelines clearly not followed by the industry,

Practices that we highlight as serious welfare issues, are part of standard INDG guidelines or guidelines clearly not followed by the industry.

Practices that we highlight as serious welfare issues, are part of standard INDG guidelines or guidelines clearly not followed by the industry.

HSI report examining how the EU ban on battery cages came about, and the related social, economic and political issues.

A UN FAO report examining the welfare issues related to the transport of chicken.

An HSI report that examines the significant abuses faced by day old chicks during transport.

A detailed report on the structure & evolution of the Indian dairy industry.

FIAPPO report on the abuses faced by dairy cows in the Indian dairy industry.

A UPC report, that examines the natual behaviour of poultry to recommend how certain practices in factory farms need to be changed for better care.

HSI primer on the behaviour and social interactions of chicken in a natural environment.

An AWI report, that examines behavioural & social needs of cattle and recommends practices for comfortable quarters keeping in mind these needs.

Detailed report by Compass & Seaweb that examines how modern day fishing fleets use state of the art technologies that are leading to the destruction of marine resources that take centuries or even millenia to be created.

UN FAO report on the situation of world's fish stocks, that reports that 77% of world fishing stocks are either fully exploited, overexploited or depleted.

A UN FAO review on the current status of the world's marine fishery resources.

UN FAO facts related to the state of world fisheries

A fish & fisheries report that shows how marine yields have halved, despite a significant increase in the power of fishing fleets.

An IRGC report examining the depletion and collapse of world fisheries.

A detailed scientific review of literature dealing with welfare issues involved in the transportation of a range of animals.

An examination of the various animal welfare issues for fish raised in aqauculture farms.

A detailed examination of the animal welfare issues in aquaculture.

HSI report examining the abuses faced by pregnant sows in gestation crates

Report that examines the public health hazards linked to the increased usage of antibiotics in aquaculture.

CIWF report that examines the welfare issues related to raising fish in aquaculture farms.

A detailed report that examines the various health and environmental issues related to aquaculture.

Research paper that examines the environmental and health issues related to the rapid growth of aquaculture.

A CIWF information booklet on welfare of farm animals in modern day factory farms.

CIWF report examining the welfare issues involved with intensive farming of fish.

Link to library of various research publications by HSI on animal welfare issues in factory farming

Alkaline producing dietary components (such as fruits & vegetables) contribute to maintenance of Bone Mineral Density

Study shows non-vegetarian women are 2 times more likely to develop gall stones than vegetarian women

Study shows that non-vegetarian womes are 2 times more likely to develop gallstones than vegetarian women

Cereal Grains & Legumes have strong benefits with relation to control of diabetes

Incorporating whole-grain (plant based) foods into the diet, can improve insulin sensitivity

Harvard study shows frequent consumption of red meat & processed meat leads to a 43% increase in developing diabetes in women

Study shows a high intake of red meat and dairy associated with a 2 fold increase in risk of developing prostrate cancer

Animal fat, but not vegetable fat, associated with higher risk of prostrate cancer

Study shows women who eat beef, pork or lamb everyday have a 149% higher risk of developing colon cancer, compared to those consuming these products less than once a month

Long term meat consumption associated with higher colon cancer risk

Study estimates that risk of colon cancer in the US can be reduced by about 31%, by an average 13gm/day increase in fiber intake

Higher intake of animal products linked to higher colon cancer risk

In populations with low average intake of dietary fibre, an approximate doubling of total fibre intake from foods could reduce the risk of colorectal cancer by 40%