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Speak up is YOUR platform to enable YOU to use your voice - to speak out for animals, for our health and for our planet. We are here to empower, enable and guide one of the most powerful forces known to mankind: the power of a committed individual.

It does not matter who you are, the time you have to spend or the resources at your disposal. All you need is some free time, platforms where people interact (friends & family, building societies, clubs, offices, schools & colleges, social media platforms) and a little creativity. You would be amazed by the power of change a single individual can bring about. 


The absolute first step - the Effective Activism Guide

However, before you start any activism or awareness activities, please do spend some time going carefully over the's Effective Activism Guide. It is applicable for everyone, and details out some of the most important pitfalls that can actually lead to your activities having an adverse rather than positive impact on your cause. We are speaking from experience, having probably made everyone of these mistakes in our early days of becoming activists.


Activism for all

As mentioned above, we seek to enable anyone who wishes to speak out about the damages caused by the meat and dairy industries. We have created specific guides to help you start your own activism activities, regardless of the scale at which you may be operating. 

OFP Activism Guides

Listed below are a set of awareness activities that are highly effective, at all scales of operations - from a single individual operating alone, to larger well funded NGOs or corporate CSR programs. These guides lay down some of the best practices to ensure a greater impact for your awareness activities.