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Dairy substitute

Thick rich caramel sauce
Rich creamy caramel sauce that is totally dairy free!
Home made peanut butter
Yummy fresh home made peanut butter!
Cashew curd
Creamy rich curds..made with cashews!
Vegan almond milk
Delicious thick sweet milk...made from nuts!
Choco Berry Mini Pies Vegan
And droolworthy Choco berry Mini Pies recipe courtesy Happytailsvegan - Kalpana Mudaliar
Molten cake Vegan
“There is no thing as too much chocolate,” the girl said with a stubborn look." Gooey chocolate molten cake.... by Harini Prakash from ToungueTicklers
Rum soaked cake Vegan
Recipe contributed by Tongue Ticklers - And in Harini's own words...'It is fruity, boozy, very delicious, moist and absolutely makes your Christmas so much merrier! '
Melt in the mouth vegan choc truffles
Luscious chocolates with dry fruit filling.. made in a few simple steps...these chocolates are heavenly...
Divine Vegan Cheesecake
Divine vegan cheesecake with only 7 ingredients + caramel sauce!
Vegan Kheer
A yummy and light treat for the festive season!
Every bite of it is pure magic!
Vegan fresh cream
A finger licking yummy substitute for whipped cream..
Fresh homemade coconut milk
Fresh thick homemade coconut milk
Melt in the mouth..vegan Indian french toast
A divine... melt in the mouth, vegan version of French toast
Roasted veggies with oatmeal bread
Roasted red and yellow pepper with tomatoes...
Savory eggplant and mushroom sandwich
A savory juicy mushroom and eggplant sandwich that bursts with flavors with every bite
Colorful veggies on toast
A colorful and tangy bite of freshness!
Mangalore white pumpkin coconut curry
A wonderful, mild and tangy coconut curry..
Succulent vegan mushroom tikka kebabs
Deliciously succulent, mildly spicy and tangy... mushroom tikkas.
Thick coffee n chocolate smoothie
A dairyfree, rich n thick chococoffee smoothie, perfect for these sweltering days!
Spicy street style tofu bhurjee Vegan
A mouth watering tofu version of egg bhurjee... spicy and oily like the street food version of bhurjee in Mumbai
Spicy fried tofu slices vegan
Tofu slices fried with spices... (and I'm a poet;).... a super yum appetizer/main course dish
Baked vegetables on cabbage leaves
Delicous and easy to make.. baked vegetables on a layer of mildly burnt cabbage leaves...divine
Sambhar flavored upma with coconut chutney & malaga podi
Sambhar flavored upma...light, mildly spicy easy breakfast dish
Crispy tofu slices with stir fried spinach and roasted tomatoes
Crisp tofu slices with stir fried spinach and roasted tomatoes sides..
 Easy vegan cashew cream raitha
Vegan raitha made of cashew cream..ready in minutes!
Khatta alu/potatoes vegan
A tangy creamy vegan potato gravy best had with hot crisp puri's
Dairy free melty cheese
A delicous vegan cooking melty cheese for pizzas, bakes and toasted sandwiches
Vegan creamy cheesy spread
A yummy cheesy spread, quite a bit like boursin.
Easy sour cream
Make this easy sour cream out of the most surprising ingredient...cashews!