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Cashew curd
Creamy rich curds..made with cashews!
Vegan almond milk
Delicious thick sweet milk...made from nuts!
Vegan Brinjal rolls
Simply yummy appetizer..
neer dosa
Light and lacy dosa' yummy!
Heavenly baked beans and mushroom
Blissful combo of baked beans and sauted mushrooms in a sandwich
It's simply delicious...
Dal palak
Savory dal with fresh palak...
Ginger salad
Fresh veggie salad with a delicous ginger flavored dressing..
Delightful hummus dosa wrap
A fun and yummy wrap that is filling and healthy!
Fresh and delish coleslaw sandwich
The kind of sandwich that makes you go.. a dreamy...hmmmm
Roasted veggies with oatmeal bread
Roasted red and yellow pepper with tomatoes...
Colorful veggies on toast
A colorful and tangy bite of freshness!
Mangalore white pumpkin coconut curry
A wonderful, mild and tangy coconut curry..
Simple moong dal recipe
Easy dal recipe made with moong/golden gram..simple and appetizing
Sevaiyan upma Vegan breakfast ideas
Vermicelli/sevaiyan upma, a light and savory breakfast
Easy coconut milk soup
A take off on kerela veg stew, this soup is lovely on rainy cold days
Easy and yum beetroot recipe
An easy to make, mildly spicy and flavorful beet root recipe
Fast and easy noodles
Easy to make and healthy noodle recipe
Street style veg sandwich toast
Street style sandwich toast is a super tasty, healthy way to start your day
Sprouts and colourful vegetable salad
A yum colourful n healthy sprout's salad
Baked vegetables on cabbage leaves
Delicous and easy to make.. baked vegetables on a layer of mildly burnt cabbage leaves...divine
Crispy tofu slices with stir fried spinach and roasted tomatoes
Crisp tofu slices with stir fried spinach and roasted tomatoes sides..
Crispy vada with tomato rasam and chutney
Hot crispy delicious vada's that are perfect with spicy rasam/saar or coconut based chutney's
Poha, easy, light vegan breakfast
A yum breakfast dish, that can be prepared in a jiffy
Dal, thick and mildly spicy


Delicious indian staple, made with pulses and spices
Hummus with a dash of spice
Hummus with a dash of red chillies... simbly yummy!
Manoli beeja, tendli with cashew
Typical south indian traditional style, its a simple n healthy way to cook Ivy gourd/tendli
Tangy tomato saar
A tangy, mildly spicy and easy to make south indian staple soupy dish
Dairy free melty cheese
A delicous vegan cooking melty cheese for pizzas, bakes and toasted sandwiches
Cheesy vegan baked potatoes and mushrooms
A hot favorite with guests, and with me. Its just the easiest way to make a scrumptious party dish!