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Israeli humane meat - Horrors Extended

Undercover investigation into one of the Middle East's largest slaughterhouses.
15 min
For approximately two months an activist from Anonymous for Animal Rights worked undercover at the largest slaughterhouse in the Middle East, owned by "Tnuva", an Israeli international corporation. The abuse that he recorded is shocking - continuous use of electric shockers, even when the calf cannot move and its legs are broken; dragging fallen calves by forklift; restraining a lamb by pushing a hand into its eye socket; inserting a pole into a calf's anus; jumping on lambs, using a calf as a punching bag and more. It is clearly seen in the footage that these events are at not all irregular, but rather the new employees receive specific instructions about this kind of behavior: "Shove the shocker up his ass, he will move; in any event, he will move". This exposure is merely the tip of the iceberg and was filmed at Israel's allegedly most modern and advanced slaughterhouse. Clearly, what is seen in this investigation occurs - sometimes even to a greater extent - at other slaughterhouses in Israel and in numerous slaughterhouses throughout the world. Our goal was not to prove that Tnuva's slaughtering methods are inhumane because there is no such thing as "humane slaughter". "Slaughtering animals will never be a humane process" (Chief on staff veterinary physician at Tnuva) "They say that slaughterhouses are the animals Treblinka..." (Tnuva Slaughterhouse vet) "I saw other such places, and this place is a paradise (in comparison)" (Chief on staff veterinary physician at Tnuva)